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De Saint-Michel-des-Saints à Berthierville et de Mandeville à Rawdon * 2 e ANNÉE - N o 8 * 62 379 exemplaires * 40 pages

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Joliette, le jeudi 24 février 2011

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Section régionale: Le Rawdonnois

TOWN HALL 450 834-2596 Municipal Municipal bulletin bulletin of of Rawdon Rawdon 3647 Queen Street, Rawdon, J0K 1S0 ALICE-QUINTAL MUNICIPAL LIBRARY 450 834-2596 EXT. 7162 3643 Queen Street, Rawdon, J0K 1S0 Monday to Friday: From 8amtonoon and from 1pmto4pm February 2011 Tuesday to Friday: 1to5pmand 6pmto9pm Wednesdays: 9amtonoon and 1pmto5pm Saturdays: 9amto4pm Information Subsequent to the mailing of the tax bills, the MRC Matawinie property assessment service wishes to inform the population that only 1/3 of the properties of Rawdon will be visited in the coming weeks to prepare the next assessment roll. The MRC requests that you donot telephone to arrange an appointment. Animal Services Le FEES FOR ALITTLE-KNOWN SERVICE The municipality intends to be more vigilant in the Besides the management of the canine population, application of its bylaws concerning animals. To avoid "Animal Services" also covers the stray cat epidemic any capture and pension fines, please ensure throughout the municipality's territory, the removal that your pet has its tag on its collar at of dead orinjured deer on your property or wild all times. animal carcasses on our roads, the abandonment of afamily of reptiles by alesee with no forwarding An update to the animal by- address, time to patrol, inspect, take headcounts and laws is underway. Far from make reports -all this without even taking into wishing to seem intolerant consideration the cases relating to the municipal in the gradual application court and the SQ police. of the updated bylaws, we are obliged to respond to the Did you know that in 2010, 90% of the calls to Ani- citizens' increasing demand malServices were from citizens who did not even own for animal services. apet? Abrief survey indicates that the calls to our municipal Animal Services break down as follows: FEEDING DEER - NOTAGOOD PRACTICE *40% for complaints concerning dogs *30% for complaints concerning cats *30% for other kinds of complaints concerning The Minister of NaturalResources and Fauna reminds animals municipalities to advise their citizens NOT to feed white-tailed deer, especially in winter. Why a$10 fee on your tax bill? For several years, pet owners only, who in buying alicence for each of The negative effects are: their dogs, shouldered most of the Animal Services. It should be pointed out that 80% of dog owners are exemplary guardians. For this reason, the municipality concluded on the one hand to spread the roads global costs of this service more equitably among the entire population, and on the other hand, to target pet owners with fines for infractions, given that the responsibility of animal ownership should devolve on the owners thereof. them at risk in areas less favourable to their survival FREE DOG TAGS FOR YOUR PET... Furthermore, the Municipality will modify its bylaws Tags may be obtained at the town hall during office concerning certain unjustifiable practices. hours. Please remember: amaximum of 3dogs per household. awdonnois awdonnois awdonnois STUDENT JOBS -SUMMER 2011 TheMuniciaplity of Rawdon is looking for dynamic students to join its team for the 2011 summer season. Hereisthe list of available positions : Dorwin Falls Park and the Municipal Beach *Coordinator $15.00 /h *Maintenance and ticket booth $10.62 /h Tourist Reception Office *Coordinator $14.00 /h *Receptionist $10.62 /h Day Camp *Animator $10.62 /h Municipal Library *Clerk $10.62 /h *Special Constable $14.00$/h Formore details please consult our website at www.rawdon.ca under the heading: "General" -"Job Offers". Consequences for the species and the citizen * Disease and death caused by an unbalanced diet * Transmission of disease and parasites at the feeding site * Road accidents when these feeding sites are near * Poaching: feed sites facilitate easy kill/slaughter * Domestication of the deer * Loss of seasonal migration patterns * Attracting deer from their natural habitats, puts Information:www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca or 1-866 248-6936 Dear Citizens, Rawdon's 2011 Winter Carnival was agreat success due to your outstanding participation. Our thanks to you all. Ialso wish to extend my appreciation to all the volunteers who donated their time, as well as the personnel from the Recreation and Cultural Services, whose supervision and guidance assured the event's excellent outcome. Once again, Rawdon is in the limelight: two news stories were filmed in the municipality. The first one, on the diverse cultural communities in the region, which just aired on January 25th; you can find the link on our Internet site. Also, on Saturday, March 19th, you can watch the program on Rawdon's Dorwin Falls on the Évasion television station at 7:30 pm. Jacques Beauregard Mayor Word from the mayor CouncilDecisions Following the regular meeting on February 8th, it was declared that at the next session: -A bylaw will be adopted to modify certain provisions on residential swimming pools. -A bylaw will be adopted to modify certain general and particular provisions on municipal land use zoning. Aconsultation assembly will be held on February 28th at 7pm. Reminder... 1 st tax instalment Thursday, March 3 rd ,2011

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